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Zero: Fever Epilogue Diaries

Updated: Jan 20

Recreated with all credit to the authors at KQ Entertainment


"Saving humanity from the doom that's about to strike"

A Trio caught stealing a Mayan relic was revealed as 'Sciensalvar' a new religious organization.

The security arrested the trio red-handed. The trio were attempting to steal a Mayan relic from 'The Mayan Civilization' exhibition at the National Museum of Korea. Seoul Yongsan Police Station is investigating suspects A(31), B(28), and C(21) for the crime attempt of special larceny. The trio are suspected of stealing the exhibited relic from 'The Time, Destiny, and Prophecy of the Mayan Civilization' at 10:05 AM, on the 10th.

The reporter behind the case interviewed suspect A's crime motive. Suspect A stated that "I had to steal the relic to save humanity before they face the world's end." It was later found that the trio are believers of the religion, "Sciensalvar'. It is suspected that the trio committed the crime under the influence of Henry Jo, the religious leader.

Sciensalvar is a new religion and was established in 1999 by a scientist named Henry Jo. This religion believes that humans are the collection of energy, and human concerns from an uncertain future can be resolved by science. Henry Jo frequently mentioned the Mayan relic, shaped in an hourglass, in official statements. Henry Jo also mentioned that the energy condensed inside of it will be the key to saving humanity.

The Mayan relic Henry Jo mentioned is an hourglass artifact that imitates the moon's movement. There are many speculations for the exact purpose of the artifact among experts. However, one clear established theory is that the relic, crafted through an uncommon metallurgy technique, was used for ceremonial purposes.

01 - SAN

A week has passed since we came back here without Yeo Sang. We stayed at this place, where Android Guardians do not exist, before we left to the other dimension. That street and people, all still looked the same as always. But the only thing that changed is the time zone. Simply put, we have returned to the past.

This was the moment before we gathered at our agit, not too long before Yun Ho's older brother's car accident. We assumed that the time zone was twisted when the Cromer broke, and Yun Ho was thrilled. Probably because his brother was brought back to life from the tragic accident. I can understand Yun Ho, but deep down in my heart, I felt bitter against him. Whether we are in the past or the present, one thing was clear. We may be alive, but Yeo Sang isn't here with us. Since the Cromer was broken, there's no way for us to be back there.

We were hopelessly wasting time, then Seong Hwa rushed and shouted, "This is the Cromer, right?" He showed an article featuring the attempted robbery of the Mayan relic exhibited at the National Museum of Korea, 'The Hourglass that Captures the Lunar Movement'. It was the Cromer!


"If we think back, the broken Cromer, I got in my dream, was from the man with the black fedora. It means, that Cromer was existing in their dimension. It would be possible that there is another Cromer in this dimension. Let's find the Cromer to find Yeo Sang and put it back to the original place!" Hong Joong yelled. However, other members were against Hong Joong's idea, saying it is too dangerous and illegal.

"Whether it is legal or illegal, what about Yeo Sang? You are telling me that you want us to leave him there?"

If it were me in the past, who was stuck up and scared to break the rules, I would have reacted the same as the other members when Hong Joong suggested his idea. Maybe this made me even madder. But now, I'm not the person who I used to be. Saving Yeo Sang was my top priority.

"We decided not to be stuck in the past. When we left to another dimension, we all made up our mind. Didn't we?" We do know we are not in the present. So, we must go back to make everything right.

After giving some thought, one by one, the members started to agree with stealing the Cromer. As everyone was coming together, Yun Ho quietly said, "I want to stay here. I can't leave my brother."


As much as I believed in Yun Ho, his statement came as a shock. I walked around our agit to pull myself together. Min Gi quietly came out and walked with me. He probably felt the same.

"I respect Yun Ho's decision."

I looked at Min Gi perplexed. He carefully went on. "When I thought that I may lose my grandmother, everything felt meaningless, even my dreams and our members. I believe it will be even worse for Yun Ho. He already lost his brother once. He'd never want to let him go."

At that moment, I remembered when I punched Min Gi. When Min Gi told us he wanted to quit, saying that our dreams are meaningless, I felt betrayed and swung my fist. Obviously, my heart was instantly flooded with regret...

"It's too late to say this now, but I didn't want to give up at all."

He said that the only reason he'd made up his mind to give up was his grandmother, his only family member who had collapsed on that day. The fact that he is having a great time with our members while his grandmother is suffering haunted him. I was able to finally understand Min Gi's perspective after he shared his story. I knew that I could never fully understand what Yun Ho has gone through, but I assumed that he had a hard time as well. He should be conflicted between finding his brother and saving Yeo Sang. I am sure he is suffering from it.

After having a long discussion, we chose to respected Yun Ho's choice. No one can be forced to decide.

04 - YUNHO

Everyone should be in front of the museum by now. Why am I so nervous? I'm sure everything is going as we planned.

My brother scolded me for checking my phone every minute. Full of embarrassment, I put down my phone. I started to massage his left leg, telling him everything was fine.

"You are so weird! You've changed so much! Well, I like it a lot better than when you were wandering around on your motorcycle...But I still can't get used to this sudden change in the last two weeks."

I understand what he said. Well, I came back from the future.

"I think God gave you perfect hands at the cost of giving you legs that need a bit of help." I said.

I imitated my brother playing guitar as he gave me a curious look. He laughed out loud and asked me to massage his left leg harder. Since birth, he had a dysfunctional right leg, so my brother's left leg would always be swollen as it is doing all of the leg work.

"Well, if my legs are good, I would never imagine myself sitting here to play the instrument. Maybe some deficiencies are a blessing in disguise, giving insight. Right?"

He finished talking and turned on the TV in the corner of the room, and headline news came out. It was about Henry Jo, the leader of Sciensalvar, breaking into the National Museum of Korea to steal Mayan relics with hundreds of Sciensalvar's believers. Some boys who were trying to stop them from stealing the relic, and now they are held as hostages. I jumped up. The hostages were my members. I took out my motorcycle key from the cabinet and yelled at my brother,

"Stay inside. You should stay inside no matter what!"


I thought Sceinsalvar was a religious group. But why...

Why is Henry Jo pointing his knife at my throat? How did his happen?

4 PM, we met up in front of the museum and planned to enter the museum in two groups of three. As closing time approached, the security guards were loosening up. One group was responsible for catching the guards' attention while the other group steals the Cromer. We planned to go get Yeo Sang as soon as we stole the Cromer. However, even before entering the museum, our plan fell apart. Among the crowd of people in red coming out of the exhibition all, a man in a black techwear outfit was holding the Cromer. He had a long white beard, a black mole on this right cheek, and large goggles. It was Henry Jo, the leader of Sciensalvar.

We had to get the Cromer back from him. If we miss this opportunity, there may be no way back. Right then, some high school girls with red blankets on their shoulders passed by me. Without giving any thought, I took their blanket and put it over my head, and then joined the group of Sciensalvar believers. Leaving the faces of the embarrassed high school girls behind, the members also joined the group covered with blankets.

We gradually approached Henry Jo. As we reached close enough to snatch the Cromer...Bang! The police shot a blank fire shot and blocked Henry Jo and the Sciensalvar believers. At that moment, I reached towards the Cromer...But Henry Jo pointed a blade at my throat even more quickly. He whispered in my ear, holding back his laughter. "I just needed a hostage, so thank you for coming!"


'Think Hong Joong. Think!'

My head blacked out.

My head stopped because of this fear I've never felt before. Bang! The police shot another blank fire shot. As the final warning, the police yelled that if the hostages were not released, they would fire shots immediately. As the believers started to murmur, Henry Jo yelled not to be swayed.

At that moment, a group of bikers ran toward the museum with a loud exhaust sound. Six bikers began to circle the crowed of Sciensalvar. The believers started to get nervous about the riders' unknown intention. Henry Jo shouted, but the motorcycles were too loud to hear anything. Then, a familiar sticker caught my eyes. 'ATEEZ YH'. It was Yun Ho! The other riders must be Yun Ho's friends.

I intuitively knew Yun Ho's plan. As Henry Jo lost control over his believers, he turned towards the crowd.

"Woo Young!!!"

I wasn't sure if Woo Young heard me, or he intuitively knew it was Yun Ho, but Woo Young snatched the Cromer and started to run. As soon as we ran out of the group of believers, Yun Ho and the riders seated us on their motorcycles and ramped up.

We could see Henry Jo running away along while the police were trying to control the believers.

07 - MINGI

"Ah, I knew you'd come back!" I shouted with excitement behind Yun Ho.

As I was shouting with joy, I heard Hong Joong saying, "There's a car behind you!!" The six motorcycles suddenly turned their directions, and everyone fell to the ground. The car, coming to crush us, was overpowered by its own momentum and flipped to the pedestrian walk, hitting the pedestrians. Yun Ho's eyes trembled as he saw the pedestrians lying on the ground.

"Brother!" Yun Ho screamed as he ran to the pedestrian. It was Yun Ho's brother on the ground. He seemed like he was heading towards the museum, after seeing Yun Ho's motorcycle on the news. Yun Ho's brother slowly opened his eyes and asked. "Is it 5:07 right now?" I checked my phone, and it was 5:07 PM. "Your diary said that I got hit by a car at 5:07 PM." Yun Ho looked at his brother, startled. His brother went on saying, "Sorry. I read your journal on the desk. I knew something was going on, but you never told me what you were going through." He painfully continued breathing. "It didn't make any sense, so I thought it was a lie. I guess it wasn't."

"We need to go to the hospital right now." Yun Ho wiped his tears and tried to pull his brother, but his brother grabbed his arm. Yun Ho held on this his brother's hand as if he'd never let his brother go. "There's something I need to tell you...It wasn't your fault that I got injured back then, and even now, it isn't your fault. So leave me in the past and move on with your own life." Yun Ho was weeping. His brother slowly patted Yun Ho's head. "I love you, my brother. You know what I always say, right? You're doing your best just by going through the day. I was happy enough for the last two weeks. I appreciate it." Then, Yun Ho's brother passed out. Yun Ho put his head down on his brother's chest and wailed.

Henry Jo stumbled out of the driver's seat of the overturned car. Blood was running down slowly on Henry Jo's face because of his head injury. Henry Jo stared at the Cromer in Woo Young's hand. He then began to run towards Woo Young with a knife. Yun Ho quickly threw his fist at Henry Jo and yelled. "Turn the Cromer!" Henry Jo snatched the knife that he dropped when he fell down. "Hurry!" Right at the moment when Henry Jo raging towards us, Woo Young turned the Cromer.


How long have I been in this glass room? It felt like an eternity being in this tube without any light. I found the whole lines of Resistances, who revolted against the government, standing in front of my glass room with their biological energy stolen. Android Guardians covered them with black fabric. Maybe they did not want to see the undead Resistances. The worst part was that the Grimes siblings were among the covered Resistances.

The Grimes siblings and Left Eye ran to the art museum after seeing the light that the Cromer emitted when it shattered. Left Eye was able to escape the bunker, but he lost his right arm. The Grimes siblings got caught and lost their biological energy.

I don't know how much time has passed. The pain was so great that I desired to lose my emotions instead. I wished that guardians would kill me.

When my train of thoughts went that far, I heard a trumpet sound somewhere. The guardians, surveilling me, busted out. I heard beating and moaning outside. I started beating at the glass tube without even knowing. "Somebody please get me out of here! Please!"

The light that I hadn't seen for ages slid in when the door opened. Men in black fedoras were fighting with Android Guardians behind the opened door. "Hey, Yeo Sang." I heard a warm voice calling my name. A guy came near my glass room and pulled down his black mask. Tears of relief burst out of my eyes. It was Seong Hwa.


-The underground hideout of the Resistance organization 'Black Pirate.'-

A signal game from an old small machine. A one-armed man rushed in and sat down in front of the old machine. The one-armed man held up a pen to write down the codes. It was Left Eye. After suffering from anther loss, he looked rather fragile.

"... ._ _._ _ _ _ _._ _ _. ._ _ _ .

._ _ . . _ _.."

Left eye interpreted the Morse Code he wrote down. The light of hope spread on his face gradually. Left Eye turned to the people and shouted, "They're back! They came back!"

The cheers of 'Black Pirate' echoed in the underground hideout.

The messy handwriting of Left Eye on the paper reads:


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