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Updated: Jan 19

Kingdom Stages and Don't Stop

I know, for those of you who have read my original Ateez Storyline: What (I Think) We Know So Far post that you may be wondering my I took some content out of my December 2022 update. After much consideration, I decided to remove the Kingdom stages and Don't Stop from the storyline as a whole. This is not to say that they do not have lore elements that contribute to the overall understanding of the Ateez storyline. It is just that I am considering them duplications of features of the storyline that are seen in the diaries or other music videos. I fully believe that the Kingdom stages were a recap or foreshadowing of what we learned in the Treasure and Fever Series but with the addition of the Möbius Strip information, I am no longer considering them as separate features.

Additionally, Don't Stop is not a KQ song. It was produced in partnership with Universe so I think the imagery in that song is for the song alone and gives nods to Ateez lore with the inclusion of the pirate elements but does affect the storyline.

I believe since they did not have full control over either Kingdom or Universe, KQ and Ateez worked within the parameters set out for them to provide additional details to their world without furthering the storyline as a whole.

While I have you, I recently got this question from a friend of mine so I thought it would add my thoughts here in case others are out there asking it:

Here is the info from my post about Pirate King all those months ago:

Ateez uses their debut album to set up their overt pirate concept but they are really describing themselves as anarchists. Luke Ayton published an article, "Where Pirates the First Anarchists? Possibly and Here's Why" in the blog, The Pirate Ship in which he took the three defining principles of anarchy and compared them to pirates.

  1. "Anarchism rejects all authority/hierarchies: Pirates did this: most of them were mutineers or escaped criminals who had rejected the extremely hierarchical nature of society at the time, especially in colonies of the Americas and Africa, where most pirates lived.

  2. Anarchism rejects the concept of the state: Pirates did this, they lived on their boats or on uncharted islands where they weren’t subjects to the laws of any land, and could live as free men.

  3. Anarchists reject traditional forms of ownership: As Pierre-Joseph Prudhon argued ‘property is theft’: Pirates generally pillaged with abandon and had no respect for the ownership of what they took."

Ok, I hope that clears up a few things that may have been confusing when you read Ateez Storyline: Updated December 2022.

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