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This Just In...Chinese Translations!/刚刚收到的消息..中文翻译!

Yes, you heard me correctly!/是的没错!

Today I received a message through my blog from Miu asking if she could translate some of my posts into Chinese so it can be shared with the Chinese Atiny community. First of all, WHAT? Y'all this started because I needed a place to figure out the Ateez storyline and lore and I couldn't find something readily available to me that had already been written. I NEVER expected someone to find enough value in it to TRANSLATE it into another language so more people could read it!! /今天我在博客上收到来自Miu的消息,她问我能不能翻译我的一些帖子并分享给中国的Atiny社区。首先,什么!?各位我写这个网站的原因是因为我找不到人们对Ateez故事线的书写分析。我从未想过有人会在其中找到足够的价值去翻译它所以更多人可以阅读!!

I responded that, of course she could translate it! So she has started working on it! I don't really know what post she is going to start with, but I wanted to give y'all the heads up that some of my posts will be available in Chinese in the near future. We talked about it and thought it would be easier to post them on my blog so the images, videos, and links can remain the same and the Chinese Atiny can have access to everything as opposed to her posting translations only./我的回答是,当然她可以翻译!所以她便着手翻译了!我并不知道她会从哪一篇帖子开始,但是我想给各位一个提醒,我的一些帖子在不久的未来就会有中文翻译了。我们沟通后认为把翻译直接发布在我的博客上会更简单,这样中国的Atiny也能看到图片,视频,和链接,而不只只是翻译。

This is exciting!! Miu told me the Chinese Atiny fandom is quite small and it is extremely hard to find deep analysis of the storyline so she is happy to translate. We should all give her a HUGE thank you because I know I can be longwinded so she has her work cut out for her. 😉/这太令人兴奋了!!Miu告诉我中国的Atiny社区并没有很大然后很难找到细致的分析,所以她很开心能做翻译。让我们给他一个大大的感谢,我可能有些啰嗦了,所以就先不打扰她的工作了。😉

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Aug 29, 2023

I just lost a huge comment that didn't publish but I want just to say thank you for your commitment and please let me know if I could also dedicate some time to a Portuguese translation (same feelings about people engaged into lore in brazilian Atiny fandom).

Sep 03, 2023
Replying to

Sure! Why don’t you message me through the blog’s chat feature and we can try to work something out.


Feb 07, 2023

Someone sent this through my site's chat feature but it looks like they were talking to Miu and the Chinese Atiny so I am reposting it here 😁:

Welcome to the Loretiny Miu and our lovely Chinese Atiny!! So happy to have you here and get your thoughts as well. Enjoy this crazy journey ATEEZ has sent us on!! 🧡🏴‍☠️

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