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My Plan for This Blog

Mapping Out the Journey

As I said in my introductory post, I struggled with putting all of the pieces of the storyline together over these past couple of months. I talked it over with my Army friend and Atiny friend and we feel like others might benefit from joining me on my journey. I have thought about it, and I am not going to just post where I think the storyline is right now, because what would be the fun in getting all of the answers without the experiencing the pain I went through? So I am going to start at the beginning. I am warning you now that I have gone through A LOT of iterations of storyline theories in the past 2 months, but hold tight with me, it will be worth it in the end.

What to Expect

"We're at the starting point of this long journey."

Each post will be related to a different album, live stage, or variety show that I have found to provide lore elements needed to create theories. I may need to do them by song instead of album if they end up getting too long. We will see. I will include all of the data sources I originally used along with any conclusions I drew. There at the beginning I kept finding different people I wanted to hear from (e.g., Bookish Theories, 15Kim, FixOn8, etc.) so my poor friends had to get "sub-part" days with extra info I found. I am going to try not to do that here. Since I now know where I think the storyline is going, it is easier for me to curate theories than when I started.

Don't be fooled by the dates on these notes. I am incredibly organized and wanted all of my notes to be in order so anytime I added something new to a note, I had to go in and resave everything so they could be in the correct order. It's a problem, I know.

Back to the Topic at Hand

Because none of these theories are actually mine until we get to the Kingdom stages and I start trying my hand at things, I am going to add links to all of the videos I watched so you can hear from the real heroes of this process. I WILL provide my biggest take aways though. I have also gone and watched all of the making of videos and Ateez reaction videos because our boys like to drop hints in random places. I will include any quotes from those here as well. Sorry in advance if the translations come out a little weird. I pretty much just captured what the subtitles said and they don't always make the most sense.

Remember Most of the Beginning Theories Will Be Wrong

"It can be different to every individual."

This was a source of frustration for me when I was starting because I kept getting attached to a theory and then having to scrap it when I learned more. I came to realize there was a sense of accomplishment when I landed on something and got to stick with it. Additionally, the YouTube theorists I follow, and aspire to be like when I grow up, started diverging in their theories, so I will start talking about different theories for the same content. It's ok, I promise, I DO land on an answer in the end.

A Favor to Ask

I end my plan with this favor, please do not include information that someone would not know based on the release of Ateez's original content in the comments section. That's like reading the last page of a book when you are on chapter 3 and or spoiling a movie for your best friend by telling them the dog dies in the end (why do dog movies routinely end with them dying I ask you?). I want everyone to enjoy the journey at their own pace. If people choose to skip ahead, that is fine with me, I would just hate for my blog to be what spoils things for them. Thanks for your consideration!

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1 Comment

Mar 08

super excited!! being organised is the only thing that keeps me going or id be all over the place rn. keeping track of theories is not an easy task AT ALL. thanks for taking the pain TT

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