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1st Blogaversary

March 2023

One year ago this month I started blogging about my journey through Ateez's lore and storyline. I can't believe it has already been a year!

In that time, I have seen Ateez at KCON LA and gone to my second Ateez world tour concert in Dallas, complete with concert outfits I made for both. I tried Korean BBQ for the first time and got my own set of Lego flowers to build after watching Seonghwa's three hour Lego session.

I have gone through two comebacks where I stayed up way too late or woke up way too early to vote for Ateez on music shows and streamed on a Korean music platform all day and night.

I was able to make some Atiny friends through Scener and Stationhead streaming parties and even got to meet and hang out with one in person and another one through zoom. One day we will all be together in person, I just know it.

I was able to move away from watching other people's videos about their theories and consolidating their info, to doing my own research and coming up with my own theories for the most part.

The thing that blows my mind the most is that people are actually reading my theories, commenting, sending me messages through chat, wanting to translate them into a language others can understand, and asking for updates. I started this for the people who thought the lore of Ateez was as daunting as I did at first, but I never really believed people would actually read it or respond to it like they have.

So I want to thank all of those who have read and interacted with me through my blog. Thank you for encouraging me to continue and sorry that sometimes it takes me awhile to post. It is a lot of heavy brain work and I need to be inspired to go to that place mentally so sometimes my posts may seem later than I would have originally liked. Thank you again and happy 1 year blogaversary!

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Carey Velazquez
Carey Velazquez
19 Mar 2023

Happy Anniversary!!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳 Look forward to your thoughts on Limitless. Cuz at least right now it seems related Rocky. But we shall see once the full MV is out. What are those tattoos?! 👀 may need to go back to Rocky and look for similar imagery

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